Burst coin BURST-QCRY-7PR7-C332-BAFB5 im new to this and have no coins to start


So if plot the 100 TB I have it will increase the coins I get but still payed out the same time


is this normal ?


payouts are usually based on pool rules, so more plots increase your ability to hit better deadlines, which improves your ability to contribute to the pool which means you earn burst quicker and get paid out quicker.

Yes, you don’t necessarily hit a deadline on every block, especially with small plots


do i have to pay every time im payed out to a new pool I got 11 burst yesterday been mining 24 hours on same pool and have not been payed out yesterday they payed me 11 burst after 12 hours or after I pay the .1 burst can I mine on it as long as I want? thank you


Every time I get payed out do I have to resend another coin to the rewards recipient or can I just keep mining because I got payed one time and now nothing ever put a 10 TB HD plus the 3.6!inhave and I’m getting nothing I got payed one time by them and that’s it do I have to pay them after every time the pay out


it’s set and forget, you don’t need to do anything else now except accumulate what you mine, you can just keep adding plots as you go

I get paid out on my pool about once a week, just be patient