Burst.cryptoguru.org down?

I’m getting a message in my miner “Could not get block infos!” and the burst.cryptoguru.org web site is giving me a bad gateway message, looks like others also getting the same, is the pool under DDOS attack?

my message is account’s reward recipient couuldn’t be determined

My message is “[ERROR 942682161] deadline exceeds deadline limit of the pool”,
and then “HDD, WAKE UP !”

Could it be related?
It is my first time trying to mine, the deadline is autuomatically set by Qbundle to “80000000”

I hope I am not “piggybacking” on your thread… I just thought this could be related to Burst . cryptoguru . org being down

same with me… BlagoMiner keeps telling me error “reward recipient couldnt be determined” and deadline exceeds
sometimes poolpage loads, seems to be redesigned…

update: website working, pool still deadline error

Hey guys, it looks like there was some hostname updates going on with the pool. The old one still works, but the home of the old pool is now https://50-50-pool.burst.cryptoguru.org/

You can set your miner deadline limit to 31536000, as this is what the pool limit is now.


Hey ryanw,
when i was mining at burst.cryptoguru.org,
i have been setting reward recipient to BURST-8KLL-PBYV-6DBC-AM942.

Now edited miner.conf for mining in 50-50-pool.burst.cryptoguru.org.
Info page tells me, reward recipient should be 9225891750247351890.

Question: Is the numeric same account or do i need to set another reward recipient ?

the only thing need to change was the deadline limit, address can stay same

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Hi lynne, thanks 4 reply.

I´m having the same issue myself with 0-100-pool.burst.cryptoguru.org (ip Same message, same error code.
Fixed the deadline number, and I´m now waiting for a few blocks to pass by to see if that fixes it.

it worked for me…
btw may i ask you a dumb question… what exactly does 50-50, 0-10, or 10-0 mean ?

It´s the share for winner/community. 0% for the winner of a block, 100% for the pool community. It´s the best option for those with few TB.

Anyway, the error is the same.

Any clues? Anyone?

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