Burst mining terminal do not show up


I have installed Burst wallet AIO 0.3.13 on Win10, synchronized 100% with local wallet. Successfully plotted 2 SSD and 1 HDD drives and spent 1 burst to initial rewarding set up. However when I do click on Start mining button with a following configuration: “burstneon(dot)com 8080” terminal window do not show up and I can’t mine.

Can someone suggest what is the problem?

Most likely this is being blocked by antivirus.

Also, while the AIO software did support Burst for a long time, Qbundle is now its successor.

You can download Qbundle here - https://github.com/PoC-Consortium/Qbundle/releases

Please install Qbundle to be able to keep up to date on new wallet releases as they come. There should be a new one in a week or two.