Burst on Stock Twits!


Burst is being talked about on the stocktwits app. Good things are coming … prepare yourselves and double secure your coins. Investors will be here very soon :rocket: Happy mining. Stocktwits has a page for Bitcoin and it’s nice to see the community on there showing support.


@Stazio Wow, thanks for the heads up. Later today I’ll go check out what’s going on on there. This is just accessible through their app? I tried searching for Burst on their homepage, but nothing came up except member profiles.


It’s on the Bitcoin page:0) Don’t know how you guys ask to create a page for Burst Coins, but anything is possible.


I looked closer and it looks like this user runner123 is really digging Burst. Let’s hope the trend continues!




Burst Coin has a page on stocktwits

It is Burst.X on Stock Twits

As mining ends, more people will learn that this was the first smart coin ever invented, it will take off like a rocket.

You guys are awesome :clap: and definitely deserve recognition for all of your efforts.

Have a great day



@Stazio Wow, that’s great!

Everyone can see the feed here https://stocktwits.com/symbol/BURST-X


Can you pin a direct link as an independent category “Burst on Stocktwits” ? It’s exciting for both the people mining and investing into Burst.

Woohoo :raised_hands:


Hey @Stazio and @ryanw ,
that sounds like great news.
I don’t know StockTwits, I went to the site and checked it out.
Could you tell me a bit more about it.
Is it a mix of Tweeter and the markets = Forum?

I am following so many site and on so many forum. :thinking:
Is it worth signing up?
Thanks guys


Stock Twits was made by the cme group who owns the board of trade and the real deal for the stock market.


Thanks sounds good.
I will be checking it out :slight_smile:


@Stazio I have created a category under the trading category here