Burst on Ubuntu

Well, i’m trying to mine Burst on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, but its very hard to find things to help me out with the forum down, the other forum didn’t answer my questions so I ended here…
The thing is, I couldn’t find out a single tutorial telling me a nice miner for linux, or how to plot etc.
After some time I found this miner: github. com/uraymeiviar/burst-miner
and used a pre-plotted HD which I plotted from a windows machine of mine, because I couldn’t find/use a plotter for ubuntu.
Well, I changed the Mining.conf file with the address from my pool (which I did the process of sending 1 burst in the windows machine) but i’m getting this error:

using config file : mining.conf
Plot 1: /media/pilabio/Dados1/Burst/plots/4099708616511217893_400000001_940800_940800
Submission Max Delay : 30
Submission Max Retry : 3
Submission Max Deadline : 0
Buffer Size : 128MB
Pool Host : //pool.burstcoin.ro port 8080
resolving hostname //pool.burstcoin.ro
error while resolving hostname
Mining networking failed

(Sorry new users can’t upload pictures lol)
and this is my Mining.conf file:

“poolUrl” : “http://pool.burstcoin.ro:8080”,
“submissionMaxDelay” : 30,
“submissionMaxRetry” : 3,
“socketTimeout” : 60,
“maxBufferSizeMB” : 128,
“plots” :

Try “poolUrl” without http >> pool.burstcoin.ro:8080

thanks for answer mate…
I’ve tried what you suggested but this time it keeps forever like this:

using config file : mining.conf
Plot 1: /media/pilabio/Dados1/Burst/plots/4099708616511217893_400000001_940800_940800
Submission Max Delay : 30
Submission Max Retry : 3
Submission Max Deadline : 0
Buffer Size : 128MB
Pool Host : pool.burstcoin.ro port 8080
resolving hostname pool.burstcoin.ro
Remote IP

never show anything else, I let it like that for about 30min and nothing happens next…

Can you try another pool. No need to change reward assign, just to test if it can connect to it.

Did you check for errors in the burstminer.log?

You could also try another miner like creepminer. It is based on Uray’s one and works pretty well.
Here is the link of the install guide : https://github.com/Creepsky/creepMiner/wiki/Compilation-&-Installation-on-Debian-Linux

just the same… ):

Thanks for the tip!! I’m trying this miner right now, will come with a feedback…
About your question, are you referring to the MinerLogger.o file? Could only find that file with similar name to what you mentioned, and I couldn’t open this file cause seem like I don’t have the necessary tool for this…

Hello pilabius,
The .o files are c++ compiled files.
I was talking about text file called burstminer.log. I have one in the bin folder.

The miner you indicated works fine for me, think I’ll stick to it. thanks for the attention and patience =]

Glad it worked out :slight_smile:

Hi guys…
Need some help to plot disk on my ubuntu VPS

already tryied:

updated java using
apt-get update && apt-get install openjdk-9-jre make gcc

downloaded software using
git clone htt ps:/ / gith u b . com/ Mir ki c7/ m dcc t . gi t (without spaces)
cd mdcct/


./plot -k BURST-5C4S-PTGK-MR5X-DHH86 -x 0 -d /root/mdcct/ -s 0 -n 80 -m 4096 -t 1

I want to plot 20gb of the disk

what is wrong with the commands?

After pasting the commands, thats the result:

root@ubuntu-s-1vcpu-1gb-lon1-02:~/mdcct# ./plot -k BURST-5C4S-PTGK-MR5X-DHH86 -x 1 -d /root/mdcct/ -s 0 -n 80 -m 4096 -t 1
Using SSE2 core.
Usage: ./plot -k KEY [ -x CORE ] [-d DIRECTORY] [-s STARTNONCE] [-n NONCES] [-m STAGGERSIZE] [-t THREADS] -a
0 - default core
1 - SSE2 core
-a = ASYNC writer mode (will use 2x memory!)

i just cant plot anything…
it stays appearing the usage, but is there missing something?

help please!