Burst Price!


Any idea why this coin droped so low it was 0.025 now its 0.006 this is big drop, can anyone explain this drop?


@altin.p there are a million reasons for the price to go down or go up.
The main one is people sold there coins when it was high.
No reason to worry, that is how the markets work.
Buy low sell high.
It will bounce back in the year to come. :wink:


yeah this is what i thought i just wanted to be sure thanks for info bro i really appriciate this:)


There are many reasons but to summarize the main issue was drama inside of the community that lead to some people leaving and to confusion. We are finaly seeing an end to this nonsense and there are a lot of good things coming in the future. Stay tuned :slight_smile:


can you tell us that “good things coming in the future” or ur just supposing?


The good things to come will be from the group of people that have taken an interest in Burst…the PoC Consortium.


They’re hard at work on rejuvenating Burst. Their plan is to under-promise and over-deliver, so we’ll just be getting what they are working on as they are completed for the most part. However, take a peak at their last two announcements here:

Those things, plus creating a new block explorer, and creating a new stable version of the Burst wallet (1.3.2cg) has shown their dedication…and it’s only been about 10 days since their announcement :slight_smile:


And let’s not forget,Getburst Forum along with the POCC this is one of the best things to ever happen to burst, loving the clean look of the website :wink: .My advice to you is keep mining and buy the Dips.Here in Japan the concept of PoC is becoming really popular, people called it" Green mining".


I know that there is a lot of things going on behind the scenes, and I know that there are now more people than ever working on the Burst Core. I am also waiting for the burst-team forum to get back online and I’ll have a few things to announce here and there. Please be patient and expect more transparency on developement soon !


Ooo I wonder what it is??? :yum:


@Mimisusukiki your right, let’s not forget about the community.
This new forum is going to great, all fun, all learning, all BURST!
The BURST Family is coming tougher and that is awesome :smiley:
I am so, so happy, I can’t wait to see all the new development and more.

The community is what makes BURST so great. :wink:


Burstcoin is going up guys :+1:t4:


I am so happy. There is soo many new things happen to the Burst and we are all in love with each other. I feel that there is so much new things coming together in the Family making me glad.

Mucho Love and take care.