Burst Wallet 1.3.4cg Released!


A new version of the Burst wallet maintained by the PoC Consortium has been released.

Please visit their github release page to download. https://github.com/ac0v/burstcoin/releases/

Release Notes - This release mainly contains the consistent use of utf8mb4, which is necessary to fix issues with some emojis. Also the database deployment has been enhanced. On the webgui, we show now better information about outdated versions.

There is also one more exciting detail; that the wallet is now available in the Crytoguru Burst Package Repository here https://package.cryptoguru.org/

This makes it extremely easy for any Debian or Ubuntu user to be able to install the most stable Burst wallet available. I myself am not a LInux user, but was able to easily install the 1.3.4cg wallet, and immediately start syncing the database.

If you keep an eye on the network observer here https://explore.burst.cryptoguru.org/tool/observe , I expect that you will see the number of 1.3.4cg versions increase, and with that, improved network health. Speaking of network health, the PoCC now maintains a truly global network of healthy nodes running 1.3.4cg; with a presence in Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, South Africa, USA and Europe.

Please visit this thread for discussions about the repository, or the new 1.3.4cg wallet.

Addition - Tom (@Gadrah ) has just released an invertiew with @rico666 a member of the PoC Consortium. Get to know the spokesman of the group that has breathed new life into Burst!