Burst Wallet and network down for a long time now


I haven’t been able to access my funds in my Burst wallet for several months now. I have the private keys and even re-downloaded the blockchain but when I try to open the wallet or even go to the help page, nothing happens like it’s a bad gateway, timed out, site down. I’m curious why I’m not hearing anything about this with anyone else in the crypto world is it just me?

The only avenue I’ve found as far as sending an email out was through the BurstFAQs site contact support. Can anyone help me with what is happening or am I just screwed out of my Burst coin?


which wallet do you have downloaded?


Hi, I actually run burstfaq.com, and also this forum, so we can discuss this here, and help you out.

Please tell me what wallet software you are running (and version number), and we can go from there.