Burstcoin Contribution -mining

Hello all,

I just setup my mining rig, could someone help me with a couple of burstcoins? -if not a giveaway, you can lend them and i’ll reimburse you.

(Already received 1 from a giveaway website but had to spend it so that my PUBLIC key be valid).

I don’t know how much I’d need really to startup but if you give me 5, it’d probably be enough, although just in case if you want to lend me 5, ill give back 8 asap.

Appreciate any help.


Sent you a few. (If you choose a good pool right off the bat you only need one.) No need to pay me back. Pay it forward.

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Thanks man, really appreciate it.

And I definetly will. Although, I still want to send you back some later if you don’t mind :smile: