Burstcoin Facebook Page


So I currently work for a Digital Marketing agency and I figured the best way I could contribute to the community is to start running some social media campaigns for Burstcoin!

I have been running a Facebook Page over @ https://www.facebook.com/BurstEconomy/ for a few months now. We are currently sitting at almost 600 likes, so come help us grow and spread the word of Burst :slight_smile:



Hey great setup for your facebook page! Liked



I appreciate the support :smiley:


@Neq love it and I was always there, but now that I found a new home I will have to get BURSTing again and go check it out. It has been so long :wink:
I can’t wait to catch up!
Thanks for keeping it up and keeping it up to date.


Thanks!! Glad to have you back :smiley:

No worries, just trying to contribute in my own way :slight_smile:



Take a look :eyes: at Monero’s website and how it’s presented to the public. If you guys switch the tone for an audience of investors, Burst will absolutely Burst;0)

Waiting for my check to clear and picking up a good block of coins soon :0)

You guys are awesome