Burstcoin Faucets


Currently available faucets:


I will add other faucets as they become available.


Wow. Thank you so much. i was searching for Burst faucet for ages


I’d also like to add, that if you can’t find a working faucet (which seems to be common), you can ask in this section of the forums. https://forums.getburst.net/c/new-members-introductions/getting-started-initial-burstcoin-requests

At the very least, I will be going through and distributing a couple coins to people in need once a day.


I went and check it out.
I love faucets they give beginners a chances to start up!
That is how I started in crypto and look at me now, I am a Burster!:heart_eyes:
I am so happy, this is great guys.