Burstcoin request


I found this forum from the burstfaucets website, and would like to receive some coins to get started with this nice-looking PoState cryptocurrency.

My burst address: BURST-7P93-MNEP-H4GC-AVEEL



Looks like you got 11 from somewhere. Welcome to Burst!


Hi there,

I found came on the same way. I try to earn by existing faucets and via web mining. But no bursts are received. Only 1 burst I got, which I needed to set an account name. Now I want to enter a pool and again I need bursts. Can somebody spent me some bursts. (I don’t know how much I will need until I can finally mine.)

My account Id is BURST-HZPK-DNUX-T2ZV-4UJ6M

Thanks a lot



A few heading your way.


hi im new to burst and trying to mine thanks in advance :smiley:



Sent a few your way.


Thank you flippy cakes i appreciate your help


Hello I just signed up, trying to mine and need a few coins to set up. Much appreciated!


Some on their way.


Hello everyone. I am trying to set up my wallet and mining. I was able to get 2 burst from faucets. One I used to set up my account name, and now I need 1 more to send and pay the fee to join a mining pool. Anyone be so kind? Also a pool recommendation? Thanks a lot guys!


Ok, NVM, Someone from discort sent me some in the meanwhile.