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Notice for new miner:
If you need some burst for setting up your wallet or any help, you are welcome to visit us and sending your address into the Discord #burst-starer-channel, and you will receive some burst. Also please only post your burst address there, so the bot can read and adding the address.

lovely regards

MrWho | BurstNeon


Tried but get blank screen in IE11/W8.1 after awhile, when trying to register and reply to your confirmation email. Heard a few beeps, that’s all. Tried to install your desktop app but MS Store said it couldn’t find a suitable program, or some such. Looked at your page without install, but don’t have the time to solve whatever tech problems are involved. Maybe later, alligator LOL

Send me a pm, send you some burst, lovely regards

I am desperate, being a newbie I used my free burst to set mt name. So I posted my burst address BURST-9432-W7H6-7FZS-3C74W to the #burst-starer-channel as OlderGuy.
I have 8TB with 16TB to add but need a coin to start for the set reward recipient.

31/01/2018 12:18:12 1 + 1 BURST-9432-W7H6-7FZS-3C74W /

lovely regards

Hi Newbies of the Newbs BloxHead here, can someone stop my headache and help me out with a Burstcoin to finish activation please =) BURST-VPBZ-FBBJ-4VXU-6BRF8

Sent you 4

I would appeciate a coin BURST-A288-UUFC-53L8-CZCQY

Sent you 4

You’re the nicest person, as remembrance of your kindness once I make some burstcoin I shall follow in your lead and give coins to the noobs

That is all that we ask. Keep it moving forward!