Burstneon reporting larger amount than my wallet actually has


So on burstneon it says my wallet balance should be 41. But on qbundle wallet is says I have only 20. When I check on blocks.fastpool.info it says i have 21 bursts. But on explore.burst.cryptoguru.org its says I have 42 which I’m guess is correct. What could it be? Is my wallet out of sync or something? How do I fix it?


Is your wallet up to date? My wallet wasn’t showing payouts until I updated. I guess it has been following the old fork and my latest payout was on the new fork.


Ya qbundle is up to date. It says 2.2.1


Are you still having this problem? We just went through a couple hard forks this past week…with there being another chain people were on that didn’t update.

The CG Explorer is trustworthy though for what the real chain is reporting for your balance.