BurstPay.net - Burstcoin Payment Processor



We would like to announce the first burstcoin payment processor.


We believe in burstcoin and we have decided to create a simple api to help others accept burst on their websites.

The API is self-explaining and highly similar with the old blockchain.info API.

The fees are 1% + 2 BURST and at the moment, all the fees are deposited into the balance of our burstcoin faucet https://faucet.burstpay.net

We have just released a woocommerce plugin which is available on our website, for easier integration.

If you require plugins for other commerce software, please let us know and we will try to create plugins.

For any questions we can offer support by e-mail or here in this topic.

Help a Old Burster with One Burst to Start Mining Again!

That is a great way to get new users and keep the faucets full!
Very nice!
Thank you so much and keep it up.
BURST needs people like you, happy you are BURSTing with us :wink:


and they have a pool http://pool.burstpay.net/howto.html


Very nice! Please also list every page thats using it.

But I have a question: Why are you using Poloniex API and then convert to Euro and not the Coinmarkedcab API like https://api.coinmarketcap.com/v1/ticker/Burst/?convert=EUR ? Is that to slow or inaccurate?

If you ever have the time for it, I’d like to have a plugin for Opencart or Prestashop and maybe even Odoo :yum:
But I’m not running any Shop right now!


Thank you for the feedback!

As most burst is traded on poloniex, it seemed like the most accurate source of information.

Regarding the plugins, we have woocommerce so far. But we plan to create modules for anything you guys would require, as long as you’d be using it :wink:

We’re also working on a list of the sites using burstpay.


Great idea!! I have a few sites I’m gonna try this out on :slight_smile:

Love that the fees go to the faucet as well :smiley:


We have added multiple currencies with automatic conversion to burst.


Great Project. This will help for all burst holders.


Is it possible to pay yourself BTC with burst from your Burst Wallet? I found the difficulty getting an account on poloniex was not commensurate for the occasional exchange in the region of 1000 burst.


@RickMGoldie if you mining and/or trading you can.

Well if you send your BURST to Poloniex, or any exchange that takes BURST, and sell it for BTC.
After you need a exchange that will take BTC for your currency.

Personally I have a account on Poloniex and I have never had a problem with that platform.
Good luck :slight_smile:


I ended up aborting the process where I tried to get on Poloniex last time (April, I think). hence my choice of Bisq.
I may retry the signup process again if I can’t get these sold on bisq.


Well personalty I love the way the platform is set-up and how you see everything clearly.
I have been using Poloniex for more than 4 years now, I think, and I have never had a problem.
Even the new verification went really fast and with no issues.

I don’t mind the verification’s since crypto is getting out there more and more and everyone is starting to use it.
We even use it in our place of business and inform the customers about crypto and how to use it properly and safely, well as safe as the internet can be :laughing: