BurstWiki.org NEEDS YOU!


With all of these new users coming in recently, I’m reposting this request from https://burstforum.net/topic/8174/burst-wiki .

I would like to - once again - point your attention to https://burstwiki.org/ It still needs a LOT of work! Lots, but not rocket science (aka it is quite easy work), I might add.

Some articles from https://nxtwiki.org/wiki/Main_Page have to be adapted and put into our Wiki. At this moment, all PoCC members have shitloads of work on each of their fingers and a Wiki is meant to be done by the fing community. So don’t be a fing community, be a helpful, diligent and please at least for a while painstaking community.

If we expect lots of newbies coming in, it would really be helpful to be able to point them to already worked out introductory texts …compare https://burstwiki.org/wiki/Getting_Started with https://nxtwiki.org/wiki/Getting_Started

and not some half-baked something

Sitting on your ass while the PoCC works so you can sell your Burst higher is certainly possible, but not that honorable. If you don’t care, do not expect others to care more…

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