Buying a bit of Burst for altcoins


So just like the title suggests, I would like to get started with Burst and I don’t want to just beg. So I’m offering to trade around 50-100 Burst for some altcoins. I have PXC, ORB and also a couple QBC so if anybody is interested, PM me.


Thanks for putting up the trade offer, but if you just want to grab a coin to start your wallet, let me know. I go through the requests at least once per day.


Hi, it’s true that I need a coin to start, so if you can hook me up with one I would really appreciate it. My offer is still open though.

Edit: Oops, forgot to add that my address is BURST-UAEA-LD5D-PDSD-BAKMU


how i can buy burst


Here is a list of exchanges Where To Buy Burst - Burstcoin Exchanges


Thanks for posting list of exhanges.