Change your passwords
With the recent run up in altcoins if you have a large usd balance you will loose it. They will come up with an excuse for you to review your history however it is pretty clear that they show a negative balance because they cleared out my usd. The killer is I see my balance and they refuse to look at it as its pretty clear that the negative balance was from a trade that doesn’t show on my account so they were probably hacked too. Change your passwords
.I would leave them as they might go the same way BTC-E went soon
"Hello! Before we continue, please, first of all: 1. Check your History page - you will find there all records about your account activity. You can use excel export in order to make sure your balance is good. 2. Check your Orders page - you will find all your open and partially executed orders there. Please note, all your account actions are final and can not be reversed by our Rules. If you can’t resolve your issue with above recommendations - please, reply in this ticket and we will do our best to help you. Have a good day!"