Calculated Payout,. Share Allocation and Progress Payout



would you like to give some hints or clarify how this 3 parts work together?

Calculated Payout
Share Allocation
Progress Payout

Cant remember exactly the correct number but i had about
Progress Payout of 20.4 to 20.8
Share Allocation way over 25
Calculated Payout much over 2

After Block win at 16/02 20:17:57
now i have
Progress Payout of 21.4
Share Allocation way over 1.89
Calculated Payout 3.86

Am i missing something or wouldnt 20.4 plus calculated payout 2 give 22.4? Why does it give 21.04?

Isnt progress payout and calculated payout adding?

Thank you if you take the time to answer this

Edit: correcting mistakes
Edit: Is there a log or some other way to check how it was calculated and so on?


I’ll tag @MrWho_I_Burstneon for you :slight_smile:


The calculation can also change with the last block (where the block is found). Of course there a many factors which influence the amount of burst at the end. I will soon adding a function where you can see live data, how it was calculated, lovely regards.


Thank you for your reply and sorry for the late answer.
I switched pools because your calculations are not correct, because it was for 2 Block payouts not changing, stuck at 20.4.

Doesnt matter anyways now. Cheers


No problem, but its right calculated. lovely regards


Hey how are you doing

why did you guys send me another 20.25 Burst at 04.03.18 block 464753 ?