Can anyone help with this super slow blockchain issue?

Hello all!

I started this process yesterday afternoon, downloaded the wallet, checked all the faucets listed, got one coin but couldn’t manage to get another faucet to spot me the “send fee” to verify the account and get started. Reached out to a friend who sent a few coins to get the ball rolling but, by the time i got back to the PC, system required a restart (automatic) and upon getting back to the page, I find a zero balance and a statement that the Blockchain must download fully before the actual amount will show… So I wait while it downloads… two hours in and it’s at 0.4% I figure it’s just a long chain and go to bed.
Now, 8 hours later, it’s still sitting at 0.4% and I’m at a loss here. I’ve got a Tb of drive, a 3.(something)GHz processor, a hard line to cable internet… Why is this stalled out? What am I missing? Am I going to have to start the process over and hope it works the third time?

Thank you all in advance,


I’m going to assume you are using Qbundle. There are problems with the H2 database getting corrupted…this is just a fault of the database, not Burst. @Quibus recommends using the MariaDB instead.

Go to Database menu, and change database to MariaDB. Don’t copy over the existing database, just sync from scratch.

This way has the best chance of syncing correctly. You can also download a snapshop of the blockchain here:

The Qbundle database file, and import that to get most of the blockchain. People have, however, had the occasional issue of it being corrupted for some reason, but could be worth trying to speed things up.

Main thing to take away form this: switch to MariaDB

Hello Ryan,

Thank you for your message, it is greatly appreciated! The difficulty is that I am still thoroughly ignorant regarding most of this process. How do I make use of the information you’ve provided? How do I switch to MariaDB and does this require uninstalling/reinstalling what I’ve already done? Please feel free to actually speak to me as though I know literally nothing, as that’s nearly the reality. Also, I apologize for the need to take more of your time… sincerely. I’m trying to pick this stuff up as quickly as possible, but I am no longer young and/or reliant.

Looking forward to learning.

No problem. We will start over then :slight_smile:

Here is a great guide to walk you through installing this again the best way.

Also, i would like to note that you can use online wallets as well. I specifically recommend this one as it is run by the Burst developers:

Use your same passphrase, and you can access your wallet without having to run the software.

Thank you again Ryan,

I’ll read through the link and get started… again :slight_smile:

Just an update Ryan,

Blockchain finally downloaded, had to start over a couple more times. Found MariaDB and selected, that seemed to help out a good deal, still had to hit the clean up a time or two.
Anyhow, thank you!

Great, glad you got it all sorted out :slight_smile: Thanks for the update!

Hey Ryan,

I don’t mean to be a pest, but I’ve just encountered a thing i have no clue how to deal with.

I got the download done, plotted the drive space, selected the number of cores, selected the pool, hit “Start Mining”, got the “Starting Engine, Please Wait” notification, and then…

Illegal Reflective Access Operation Occurring!!  please consider notifying org.springframework. lots of letters..

Any ideas? I’m lost here.



I have never seen that before…you got me :frowning:

You are still using Qbundle?

@Quibus any ideas?


Still Qbundle

I think you need to post more information of every task.

Starting Engine, Please Wait" <- I have no clue of what that is from what window did you get this message? the miner command prompt window?

Illegal Reflective Access Operation Occurring!! please consider notifying org.springframework. lots of letters…
That indicates something to do wit Maven usualy used with java. But then it does not have any thing to do with mining.

Please post your steps and exact messages. If there is more lines include some around them aswell.
Or even better. post some screenshots of the errors.

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Just looked it up on my phone, appears to be a Java issue… I do not speak (insert programming language here) and do not have the ability to write a workaround. I’m wondering if i should just uninstall everything (now that i actually have a couple burst in the wallet) and start this whole process over…
I’m old and ignorant, should’ve taken programming courses instead of fine art and welding. Self inflicted injuries don’t count.

Anyhow, please let me know if you happen across a fix suggestion or anything.

Thank you again,


I didn’t see your message before I hit reply… Sorry.

I’ll look up how to screenshot the mess it’s giving me and post

We need more information on what is going on. You seem to have a unique problem. Quibus here wrote the software you are using, and doesn’t know how you got a message saying “Starting Engine, Please Wait”

If you can provide screenshots of what is going on, step by step how you are getting this message, then it would be useful.

Alright, I just went to take a screenshot and the message has changed. Can no longer see the original message about illegal reflective whichever… now it’s just scrolling through a series of these… at that point I was trying to upload an image only to be met with “new users can not upload images”…

The current repeating message is stating:

WARN 5312 — [askExecutor - 999 (number is increasing by one every repetition)] b.j.c.n.t.NetworkRequestMiningInfoTask : Unable to get info from wallet.

Any ideas?

This comes from a black window with alot of text in ?
If so it seems that the miner is unable to connect to the poolwallet.
Can you please to a screenshot of the Miner settings window in Qbundle to provide us some info on the settings.
Also please check Firewalls and Antivirus software that might interfeere with your miner.

You should be able to upload images now.

I’ve been trying to post a screenshot and keep being denied by the “new users can not post pictures” message… I’ve only been on here for three days, not sure when I’ll stop being “new”.

Yes, the message is repeating in the dos screen (black window) and I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve managed to install something aside from Qbundle. The page refers to itself as burstclient and I don’t see anything that will allow access to settings.

Still being prevented from posting screenshot

Qbundle is a Wrapper for the Burstwallet and other tools like miners and Plotters. The Error you are reciving comes from the miner made by Blago.

Which pool are you trying to mine on ?