Can someone help me with my first burstcoin :)


hey is ther some rich sugermom that can help me with my first burstcoin :smiley: so i can start mining ?


i can send 1 back to the person who give me 1 :slight_smile:


First timer here too. Can’t wait to get started with Burst ! If someone sends me a coin I will also resend back or pass on the love guaranteed :slight_smile:



you need to read the rules man!


I’m no sugarmom, but a couple on the way to both of you


Anyhelp to get my first couple of coins would be greatly appreciated. BURST-DVCS-NFAE-KJ6N-H8QDM


Thank you so much !!! You are a god ! Changed my avatar and I apologize for piggybacking. I see the transaction on the left column but the account balance reads zero. How long do transactions usually take on the Burst network?


Thank you do much :heart_eyes: you will get it back :wink: