Can you send to me 1 coin, and what pool?


Hi, Goran here from Serbia.

Can you send to me 1 coin and can you tell me what to write into Choose pool: ??? : 8124


Thank you.


A few on their way.


Thank you.

Can you tell me what pool I can choose: ??? : 8124?


Someone else will have to help with that. I’m out of touch when it comes to pools. I exclusively solo mine these days. Payout is the same over the longterm, even though I only get 1 or 2 blocks a month.


Ok, thank you.


If you’re just starting out and don;t have a lot plotted btfg pool is probably your best bet:

It’s specifically designed for people with small plot sizes. When they hit a block shares as far back as 100 blocks ago are counted (discounted by some percent per block in the past it is, so more recent shares are worth more), and there’s no minimum DL, though functionally it’s about 2-5 years because any father back than that and you don’t get credited any shares.