Can you tell me the advantages of Burst vs other cryptos?

As I just setup my wallet and it is compiling the first blockchain right now, I am learning about cryptos and my research so far brings me to following conclusions:

Proof of work such as bitcoins are environmental unfriendly (which needs as much electricity as entire countries use only to generate coins!!). Hence I only researched proof of storage-capacity/stake.

But I found there many others, such as Peercoin, Blackcoin, Nxt, NEM, Reddcoin, BitShares, CLAMs, Lisk, Mintcoin, Novacoin, Qora, Dash, Neo, Pivx, Navcoin, OKcash, Stratis, Waves and Rubycoin also and am wondering what makes burstcoin better.

Thanks for all your 2 cents (or in this case - coins :wink: )

always worth doing some reading, have you read the Dymaxion whitepaper and the advantages of Tangle?

also a nice easy read on Burst here

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