Can't create plotfile

Trying to use my NAS with 1.5TB to start. I can’t even copy the account ID from within the Burst app. I finally opened Burst as a web page and copied the account ID from there.

Using my NAS at Z:/Burst. Pasted numeric account number. Set slider to 1.5TB and clicked “Start Plotting”.

A UAC pops up and I answer “Yes”, There’s a microsecond flash of a window (command? can’t tell) and then a plotfile number appears in the area under “My Plotfiles”. But, alas, no activity and no plotfiles are actually created.

Help please.

I don’t have any experience plotting to a NAS…but could it be a permissions issue?

I have no way to determine that as the Xplotter closes instantly with no feedback or error messages.

If you open a command prompt and run xplotter through that, it will not close on you.