Can't start miner


Trying to get started and having a few problems.
So I’ve gone through the process of syncing everything, plotting and setting the reward recipient. However when I go to start the miner up… Nothing happens, it doesn’t launch, doesn’t throw me an error, it just acts as if I didn’t actually press start mining.

If anyone could provide some insight it would be greatly appreciated!



I’m assuming this is through qbundle? I believe this was corrected in an update today.

Quick notes -
Qbundle is now version 2.0.1
BRS Burst Reference Software (Burst Core) is now at 2.0.2

Qbundle is, among other things, an interface to BRS.


I am having the same issue – updated qbundle last night (3/30/2018) and now the miner won’t start.


I am now recommending everyone to stay with Qbundle 1.9 with Burst wallet 1.3.6cg while the kinks are being worked out with the new software.


I have the same issue as Anagram. I downloaded version 1.9 as sugested but when i try to open it the screen stays grey and i have no login options. I dont have this problem when I run the newest verion of qbundle. Is there a way to revert the working version of qbundle down to 1.9 instead of redownloading 1.9?


Make sure all other wallets are shut down. Possibly reboot. If you have any Burst wallet run as a service, disable that.