Cant start mining need burst please


thank you to any one that can help BURST-29ZH-66CU-DLFG-ER8NS


I sent a few coins your way. Good luck mining!


thank you very much


Hi, a few coins to start, please ? me : BURST-MR3X-8LWB-CDQC-3YTPW


@beernik51, I don’t mind helping those who need it, but your account already has a few coins in it.


Hi, can I ask for some small donation to start with?



I sent you a few.

Best of luck.


You are real Master, Thank you.


@cheops79 , @beernik51 @slawekp welcome to GETBURST :slight_smile:
I am happy that you all joined us. As you can see everyone is awesome and ready to help.
Good luck in your mining adventures and have fun.:blush:

@Evo, @MasterMC thank you so much :slight_smile: