Checking Plot Validity/Integrity


I’ve done some reading and I’ve yet to find an answer.

If I start xplotter and CTRL-C out before it finishes, the file appears to be the right size, but obviously it won’t have all of the nonces created.

I ran plotchecker and it says “checked - OK”. And this is only after a few nonces have been written (1% complete).

So what is a good way to verify that a plot is complete before moving on to the next plot file. I’m trying to create a batch job to plot a file, verify it is valid, and then xcopy it to my SMR drive, deleting the file on the fast drive and then starting the next one.

If xplotter, or GPUplotter, crashes, my batch job will assume it is done and start with the next one. I really would like a validation step in there somewhere. Or else I will come home to all 8TBs done and not know which are good and which are bad.


ps. also a nonce validator would be a great piece of software in the future.



Well, you can keep in mind that xplotter will resume an incomplete plot…you could just run your batch job again, and it will resume anything that had been interrupted.


I’m thinking about that. In fact keep re-running it until it reports:
File is already finished. Delete the existing file to start over
Then move the file and start on the next plot.
I think I can get Powershell to do this nicely.

Though I really wanted to use GPUPlotter, but it crashes a lot, and you can’t continue after an interruption.


Xplotter is really reliable, but you need a lot of CPU power to plot a lot of drives at once :slight_smile: