Checking the plot file


Today, I added 6TB to the plot file and asked the xplotter to plot it. I am not sure whether it completed the whole plotting or not. I started miner to mine Burst. Is there anyway to check whether the plot is complete or not?

Thank you.

You can attempt to resume plotting. It will just stop running if it is complete.

Example from github

There’s a plot checker built in TurboPlotter. You need to get to the config screen (enter an account id or pick plot) then drag and drop any plot file onto the window and it will spot check it for you. It shows a visualization of the file as it goes and boxes are green that are checked and okay and red if it finds errors (like that area of the file didn’t have anything written to it).


tried Poc1Poc2Converter v.2.2 . since my usb drives disconnect/reconnect randomly from time to time :rage:, converter is of no use for me :sob: for this results naturally in an error message. closing the programm gives me the warning, plot files will be destroyed :weary:, but i had no choice…

so i went to check plotfile integrity with turboplotter, yes indeed one plotfile showed errors (red boxes) and another plotfile had about 40% green and 60% orange boxes after converter crash.

hmmmm… what does an orange box mean and is there a tool to repair just the few red ones ??