Coin to set payee info


Hey guys, asking for a coin to help get me started. Took 3 days to set up and now I’m just so fustrated as you can’t do anything without having coins. Seems really dumb to charge to set the payee info. Why not just charge it to the account and let us mine the fee.

Account # Burst-N9LC-JV9E-3BL6-AC9UL

thank you in advance.


Hi, can you confirm your BURST ID, I get an error when trying to send

this post explains why you need to set things up the way you do and how you only need 0.1 burst to do it


Yep that is my burst account. I know I get same error when I go and try to use the system says not found. Thought just take a couple blocks but guess not. Does it have to be online wallet or can I have local running? I’ll try rebooting in a sec as haven’t rebooted since the chain sync. I want to local mine my HDD. Is the payee info on a file somewhere can just edit myself.


Try caps on the “BURST” - , Thats really the only difference in the id


That address doesn’t exist, probably the root cause of your problems

Burst is probably one of the most user friendly coins from a mining and a wallet perspective, I haven’t come across anything remotely like Qbundle that has so many difference aspects all built in one app, sorry you’re having such a bad experience.


How can that address not exist, it was made with qbundle on the wizard. Does everything need to be deleted & reinstalled, plotted, updated, etc. or is there an easy fix?


there’s plenty of ways to get the address wrong, just logging in with an extra space in your passphrase can generate an incorrect address, plots are tied to the ID, so unfortunately you will have to start from scratch


That sux… wow. Dnt know if I really have the patience to try this again. Took 24hrs to plot a tb then around 50hrs to download the h2 database from may 2018. Don’t want to spend 3 days setting this up again if not going to work. If really want to see a user friendly miner check out miner gates gui. Takes 30secs after extraction to start earning. Just run the benchmark on your system and then will give you all coins available for you to mine. One thing that turned me on to this coin was the ablity to solo mine ur own hdd


you’re not going to mine anything solo with only 1TB

plotting and mining Burst is all about patience, I’ve left plots running for days, but once set up, then it’s just set and forget

don’t know why it would take 50hrs to download the database I usually get that done in less than 30 minutes


Maybe cus like said my wallet wasn’t right. So this will be my new ID. Started all over. Sigh*

BURST - PBUX - P8TG - ZAT7 - AY872


The 1tb was only the test. Have 50 tb ready to go if works well.


What happens if install the plotter on a server besides pis sing off the hosting company. In theory could map out 100k tb on an unlimited plan.


Sending over 0.1 for ya.

Yes, it will piss off the hosting company…that’s the worst part. Could all just be removed before you even mine.


Thanks… much appreciated…


I’ll send it back in a few days/weeks once get the miner pulling in some coins.


@ryanw don’t want a bug but did you send that coin? My wallets synced says and there’s nothing in balence.


Been having connection issues lately…sending off again.