Confirmation of working ok?

Hi All,

I’ve plotted my hdd and set my reward assignment, and sworn at my av for blocking blago miner, despite me saying to trust it. I’ve switched to creepminer & finally stumbled on the right config for the miner.conf file (it needs 2 \ not just one) and from what I read, the fact that my address is listed in miners page on the cryptoguru pool website means that all is setup and working ok and any pool proceeds will get transferred once I get to 100 - have I got all that right?


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That sounds about right as far as the mining part. I cannot speak to when you will actually get paid as every pool is different. If your burst account number or your burst account name is on the pool page your mining you should be off to the races.

Yes, the cryptoguru pools pay out at 100. Seems like you’re all set up and running!

excellent, cheers for the help/confirmation