Confirmed deadlines

Hi, I have 81 confirmed deadlines but I don’t see anything in the pending burst…shouldn’t I already have atleast .0000001?

Hey there @Bonjour could you tell us how long you’ve been running the miner, and also what pool you are mining on? Also your Burst address please. Thanks!

I’m not quite sure but I think its going to be 24hours now…I now have 118 confirmed and still at .0000000 the pool I chose is …my burst address is BURST-4TLW-AJHX-F5KZ-8CC7Y

not sure which one so I include both.

I think your capacity is so low, that it just isn’t counting at all. I can see it now… What is your capacity? With this type of pool, in the beginning, it doesn’t register very much it takes a few days to get to your full potential. Such small amounts, if you do actually have only 100GB or so…it just takes a long time as you can see to start getting something. But yeah, interested in knowing what kind of capacity you are testing with.

I’m testing it with 125GB…just needed to know it is working and thanks for showing me…now I know it works…I bought an 8TB Western drive, it is plotting as I type…20% right now its taking long I started plotting yesterday morning…Thanks again…I will repay you soon.

You’re welcome! Good you bought Western Digital, they are usually not SMR type. The SMR type Seagates take days to plot directly.

Good luck to you!