Connection issues with cryptoguru pool


Hello, I have been mining with 6.3 TB on RPi 3 with creepminer on 0-100 cryptoguru pool, all was working fine for over 5 months. However i noticed i didnt get any payout since 1 month, on checking using subscribe, I get “invalid account”. The miner shows "Got no confirmation from pool! Busy? " after every nonce found. Just as it gives this error, i check subscribe again, I see my account on pool with everything 0, but it goes back to “invalid account” after some time. What could be the issue? I know the reward recepient is set, the config file is correct, since it was working for 5 months. Any major changes to the pool that i need to know about ?


Have you updated your mining software since the fork?


Havent updated in months, when was this fork ? I see that there is a new release, but it`s difficult to understand the instructions to install on a Raspberry PI, hence I was continuing the old one.


Maybe I misunderstand, but if the pool has updated then the fork shouldn’t affect pool miners as long as their plots are PoC2? Recent versions of creepMiner convert to PoC2 on the fly. Which version of creepMiner are you running?


I am running creepminer 1.7.13 Unix build


You will need a miner that supports the PoC2 algorithm. Creepminer 1.8.1 was the first to support PoC2. It will convert your PoC1 plots on the fly to PoC2 with increased scan times.

Current Creepminer Release -

Regarding Fork -