Converting first drive to PoC2

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to share my good experience with Johnny’s Poc1 to Poc2 converter.
I’m converting my first drive to PoC2 while mining 13 drives and the read speed of the drive that is being transferred to PoC2 has doubled (not a bad thing, because i’m still + - around 40 secs).


Now is making the convertion without affecting my read times :slight_smile: (%25)

Well, my computer crashed two times while doing the conversion. I’ve opted to make a PoC2 plot file on a new drive from scratch

Thanks for keeping us updated on your progress here @mariano

I have yet to start migrating…I’m a huge procrastinator. I’m thinking I will be transferring to a separate drive for conversion… I have a couple 8TB drives waiting to do this.

Couple of quick questions…

Can PoC2 plots be used at the moment?
Should I be plotting all new drives as PoC2 to save with conversion?

Yes, you can mine PoC2 plots right now with a miner that will convert them to PoC1 on the fly. I admit that I haven’t kept up well with miner developments these past few weeks. However, I know this is possible with jminer right now . When the fork happens, it will just switch over to normal PoC2 mining .

I would plot PoC2 right now, but that’s just my opinion.

If you have free drives, just start plotting for PoC2. I’m using TurboPlotter to make PoC2 plots and it’s working great so far. 20hs left

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