Correct settings for nonces doing plotting



This is very important to know and understand and in different manuals people say different.

I have found that when you plot by gpu several files starting nonce of next file is starting once of last file + nonces plotted:
Starting nonce nonces sttager
file 1 0 10171504 22064
file 2 10171504 10171504 22064
file 3 20343008 10171504 22064

Is with Xplotter different? Do you need add +1 no next file? like 10171505 from example?


@freely, I took this from the Burst-Team forum. Blago posted the usage of his plotter. Yes, in each plot all nonces must be unique, so at he states below, you offset the next plot exactly as you would with the gpu plotter. This is a burst requirement, not so much a plotter requirement.


XPlotter_avx.exe -id ‘ID’ -sn ‘start_nonce’ [-n ‘nonces’] -t [-path ‘d:\plots’] [-mem <8G>]

  • ‘ID’ = your numeric acount id
  • ‘start_nonce’ = where you want to start plotting. If this is your first HDD then set it to 0, other wise set it to your last hdd’s ‘start_nonce’ + ‘nonces’
  • ‘nonces’ = how many nonces you want to plot - 200gb is about 800000 nonces. If not specified the number of nonces, or it is 0, the file is created on all the free disk space.
  • threads = how many CPU threads you want to utilise
  • -path = the place where plots will be written
  • -mem = how much memory you will use


Also, the start nonces + nonces thing just gives you one plot picking up where the last one ended. The last nonce of file one is 1000, the starting nonce of the next file would be 1001, etc.

You can start the next plot really anywhere so long as the files do not overlap. It’s a lot easier to remember how to plot twenty 8 TB drives if you number them and then make the starting nonce of each drive the drive number * 10TB. Drive six craps out and I need to replot? Starting nonce is 60TB (60,000,000,000,000).

You have an infinite number line of nonces, so skipping some only adds new ones you wouldn’t have otherwise used. It doesn’t affect the long term mining outcome.