Corrupted Plot Detector Tool

Hi all!

I’ve written a small utility that scans miner logs and gather stats on conflicting deadlines. It can help you detect any problematic plot files that consistently generate corrupt deadlines.

Since I’m a new user I don’t have permission to post links but you can go to tool’s Github page by searching “burst corrupted plot detector” on Github or copying the URL:

Please note that this tool scans logs, not plot files, which means the plot file should be in use for a while to give meaningful results.

  • Currently only Blago’s miner is supported.
  • It should work on Mac, Linux and Windows but tested only on Windows. Only Windows version is compiled. There are no external dependencies, you should be able to compile and use it directly.
  • I had the chance to test it with a limited number of log files from solo mining. Any feedback is appreciated.
  • For any feature requests or bugs, please give me a notice here or open an issue on Github.

If you think there are other stats that may be helpful I can slowly extend the tool to an analyzer. Let me know about your thoughts.



Thank you for such a wonderful utility, great work! I forwarded this to @Gadrah to include in the Weekly Burst Report.


Thanks @ryanw, that’s pretty encouraging. I hope this helps someone out there.

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Hi! Got 94.1% health and 5.9% conflicted. How can I get my plots to 100% health? Is it even possible. Very good program btw! I think it would help people to say that you have to install visual studio and run Burstcorruptedplotdetector from log folder to build the exe file

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Hi @andreas1 Thanks for the feedback. Honestly I don’t know what’s a healthy ratio because I don’t know much about all other possible causes for a conflicting deadline. That would be great if someone can tell us more on this topic.

Your ratio may be ok if it is the overall ratio. But if you have significant conflicts on a particular plot file you can try re-plotting it. For example only one of my plot files had significant conflicts and by significant I mean half of the deadlines from that plot file were conflicting. Replotting fixed that one. But I don’t have enough data to say where the threshold is.

I guess the decision depends on the size of the plot file and if the ratio is high enough to worth re-plotting. Maybe the tool should display ratios for each file. That would give a better idea for a decision.

Thanks for the notice about the documentation. It definitely needs some touch. I’ll update it soon.

Hello, I m new here on this forum and at Burst mining.
I like this tool, but maybe it would be great if someone could post how to compile this for Windows.
Thanx and nice to be here

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Hi @UrielSeuthes. You can compile it for Windows using Visual Studio 2017. For detailed steps, I’ve updated the readme on Github. I hope it helps.

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