Creating my first plot


I’m creating my first plot, 1392640 nonces, just to get everything working before investing in creating TBs of plots. I’m using XPlotter and getting about 1900 nonces/min. I have an old Radeon R9 200, should I throw that in and get a GPU plotter? Do you have one that you recommend?

I am currently using a AMD A6-6400K running at 4GHz, 8GB ram.


for future use i would use GPU plotter just to take the stress off the CPU


@MasterMC, hi! You can use gpuPlotGenerator for Windows. The current version is v4.1.3. I’ve posted the link below.

The software will suggest “default” settings, but these often do NOT work. I’m sure there are people here using it with the same graphics card who can suggest good settings. As the forum is new, I haven’t seen what has been posted in terms of how-tos yet.

Good luck!