Creepminer - general discussion

I have been using creepminer for some time now, and I really like it.

Is creepsky in the forum?
Maybe you guys know; in the last beta he released (1.8.0) opencl support was there, cuda suport was not. Now there is a new stable version 1.7.16. which is missing supprt for both. Just wondering why?

I don’t use a GPU currently, but was thinking of getting one.

Well, if I was just following the version numbers, I would expect that 1.8.0 release will have that support. I expect 1.7.16 is just bug tweaks for the stable release.

I will pass this post onto him, though I don’t think he’s on the forum.

Cool. Probably it is just a lot of work to include support for minor builds, just wondering.
There is not really much you can do on github except open an issue wich is not really fitting for a question I think.