creepMiner mining.conf passphrase setup

I’ve read the creepMiner documentation on github but I’m still unsure about the set up details. Can someone with creepMiner experience take a glance at these settings and give advice?

"passphrase" : {
    "decrypted" : "this is not my real passphrase",   

    # why delete the "key"?         
    "deleteKey" : true,

    # I think this is an encrypted version of "decrypted". 
    # Encrypted with what? "key"?, "key" and "salt"??
    "encrypted" : "", 

    # I don't know what goes here.
    "key" : "",  

    # I think this is an arbitrary number?
    "salt" : "" 

# Not sure if this is right. My reading has yielded conflicting answers.
"targetDeadline" : "0y 6m 0d 00:00:00", 

"urls" : {
    # I think this is right.
    "miningInfo" : "",

    # I think this is also right.
    "submission" : "", 

    # Totally unsure what to put here. How do I get my wallet's "URL"?
    "wallet" : "" 

Also, how will the pool know who I am? The passphrase?

I think the pool knows who you are because it’s baked in to every one of your plot files. Well, not baked in but your numeric account ID is in the file name of the plot files and the contents are a product of your account ID and other things.

Not sure about the creepMiner setup, but if you work it out then please do fork it and improve the documentation.

I’m using the same pool and they have a calculator for the target deadline based on your plotted capacity. The result is an integer and because the config file is JSON, it knows the difference between an integer and an integer inside a string (and ignores the latter).

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