Deadline for Blags miner-burst (pool)



I just installed Blags miner-burst and aligned myself with Burst Ninja pool.

I’m unsure of the “TargetDeadline” setting, its 80000000. Isnt that a bit high? And what is it, seconds?

Whats a good deadline and how to I calculate it?

I’ve also read somewhere that since I’m inn a pool it does not matter…?



Most, if not all, of the pools advertise to the client the highest deadline they accept - if the client finds a higher DL, it simply won’t submit.


My understanding is this…(Someone please chime in if i am wrong)

The deadline is the estimated time frame in seconds that the nonce found will provide the solution to the problem presented by the block chain. The program for the block chain will constantly try to adjust the difficulty of the problem to make the average time to solution 4 minutes. For example,If the best solution available from all miners for one block is say 20 minutes, then the next block will probably be a lot easier problem to solve to try to get the average back under 4 minutes (this is only a example as it has all day to mix and match to get its average) So a target deadline is basically just a limit accepted by the pool or what you are allowing your miner to find and report (if it finds a solution that would take a million years it wouldn’t be very useful) So since pools have a historic payout field, your best pool would be one where it accepts large enough deadlines to allow you to have one on most to all blocks


Okey, so if the pools info site states that “Our maximum deadline is 86400 seconds” its not worth it to set deadline above this, forcing my miner to toss found nonces with a higher deadline?

If I want in on the fun I have to sett the deadline of 86400 or less. Less if I want to actually win blocks… but how does disk space come into play here.

I have 1 disk of 4tb (3,6 actual). I have 4 plots with nonces from 0 to about 15000000. Is each of the nonces the “answer” to the problem that we are solving?

How come I cant put zillion nonces in 1 MB. Is 1 nonce = 1 MB or something?


You actually shouldn’t have to adjust anything when you join a pool, it will automatically default to the pools accepted deadline.

More disk space equals more nonces plotted, and the more possible solutions. And yes a nonce takes up a certain amount of space so you cant pack more into the same same. That would be like trying to
put two keys in the same keyhole at the same time.


1TB = 4,096,000 Nonce


So I’ve read that a nonce is 256 kb. More plotted space = more nonce.

But what about the deadline. Does a nonce have each own deadline? So when solving the given problem my nonce had 3d while this other dudes nonce had 6min? And opposite, I have one with 30s deadline nonce an the other dude have a 10min?
Could more than one have the right nonce and it comes down to the one having the lowest deadline?


Part of the solution is also your individual account ID, the big long number that you entered in your plotter before plotting. That is why we don’t all just get the same deadline. Maybe give this a read , the Mining (proof-of-capacity) explains about subsets (scoops)
That may help make sense