Decided to have a go at solo mining for a week


OK I have decided to have a go at solo Mining for a week because I can’t seem to get a deadline better than a day (on a good day) and usualy the best is 11 or 12 days on the pool.

No IDEA if I have even forged a block yet.

I am fed up with other miners getting 0H 0M and a few seconds and gaining all the rewards when I can’t get any better than 1 day (and that is on a on a good day).

With just over 10TB I should be getting far better than my 1 day on a good day.

Maybe the pool needs to ban people that have over 15TB so it helps us newbies out more, I notice some people on the pool are using over 50 and up to as much as 500TB, what is the point in that if the deadline is set at 2 years? the Guy/Woman with the 50 or more TB is always going to win, It is unfair.

It is about time we had a pool for newbies that has a limit of no more than 15 or 20TB.


i don’t think you understand how this works. If you solo mine with 10 TB’s you will be lucky to find a block in a couple months, at least with a pool you can benefit (however small) when someone in the pool wins a block,and at least see something… Perhaps it is the style of pool you have joined , consider a 0-100 pool and you may enjoy it. ex

take a look at comparable miner sizes. I am always happy when one of the big miners finds a block, cause i know i am getting paid.


Tried that pool, the payout is 100 coins minimum, it’s crap, hence why I joined BurstNeon because I want to see coins to the value of 1 bitcoin in my wallet and fast.

Want the value of 1 bitcoin in 1 month by mining burst.


are you trolling?

“Want the value of 1 bitcoin in 1 month by mining burst.”

I fear you may be disappointed


Yeah I already gathered that Before I even started mining BURST (what a palaver that is, GETTING STARTED).

First off nothing on burst works, even with the crappy Qbundle (no offence to the coders of Qbundle ment here) that is supposed to make things easy it still takes a person with a degree to work it out, not to mention that you need a fucking burstcoin or more than one burstcoin in order to do shit with burst in the first place.

Half of the pools use the port 8080, do people setting pools up not realise that port 8080 is the same as port 80 it is the HTTP port?

No wonder most of the pools keep going down, all those people connected to the website and then all those mining programs connected to the same port.

I used to supply web hosting so I know all to well that port 8080 is exactly the same as port 80, I.E it is the HTTP web server port, The pool ports need to be seperatated from the HTTP website ports, so the site is not “DOWN” or “REJECTING CONNECTIONS” all of the time, simply because too many connections to the server’s HTTP port 8080 are flushing the system, you may as well just do a DDOS attack on your servers if you are going to use port 8080 for miners as well as your site front end, it is the same principle.

And NO I am not a troll just a super pissed off new user to BURST, if burst want to get as big as the competing crypto currencies then it is not enough to say, yeah but “WE ARE GREEN” they need to buck their ideas up and make it easier for newcomers to get started, without charging a fucking burst here and a fucking burst there just to get mining or change a pool.

Sorry about the swearing but I realy am a fucked off new burst user and wasted £123 on a new 6TB HDD for fuck all, I still cant get any better deadline than a fucking day (on a good day).

Hope your refunding me my £123 Mr jaxblack, as I am holding you personally responsible for your lack of a supportive answer, and for mocking me for asking a simple question as well as me pointing out why I came to burst in the first place (youtube video that said I could earn 1 bitcoin every month with 10TB of HDD space and the video was posted on 20/1/2018) so Mr jaxblack stick that fucker up your bad attitude of a pipe and smoke it.


initially, based off your last response, i flagged as inappropriate but then had to undo as it was to awesome to not be able to let other people read your statement and let the world judge you.


although your 14 edits to initial statements are certainly starting to make them much more defensible. @ryanw , for a good read, read the


Edits are because I am dyslexic and I was adding punctuation as well as fixing any spelling mistakes I could, nothing else, I am dislexic I cant spell and it is dificult for me to write things down, as wel, as this I also suffer from Aspergers syndrome, so now what are you going to say to that. I can provide you with the NHS diagnosis if you wish.


I wont edit the above post here but my Asperger syndrome is apart from my dislexia another aspect of why there are so many EDITS


Liggy, you asked a question and i gave you an answer. If you do not like the answer that is your prerogative, however it the abrasive approach to the whole situation i find amusing.

This statement in itself is also pretty awesome, you watched a youtube video that told you that you could make 1 bitcoin (approx 7000 Euro) in one month with 10TB’s of hardrive space (approx 250 Euro) and when that fairy tail failed to happen, you hold me personally responsible to refund you your investment?.

If your not trolling then i imagine you probably have difficult interactions daily, that neither dyslexia or Aspergers explain.

Best of luck


@liggy1 Unfortunately, you’re not going to be getting any better deadlines wherever you go. You will get the same deadlines whether mining in a pool, or solo for each block.

For everything else, that is just the way it is. It is like this with many cryptocurrencies out there…there is hardly anything that is super simple to use. Come back in a few years, and things will probably be different (or gone). Or, you can put in the time and learn about it like we all did.

Lastly, regarding finding a youtube video saying you will make 1BTC with BURST mining with 10TB, they were lying, and you’ll have to bring your complaint to the author of the video, or Youtube.

Also or those wondering about the port 8080 thing, they are using this port in order to use cloudflare DDoS protection. Cloudflare providers website protection, and some people have figured out how to have the mining data routed through it.

Port 8080 is sometimes used for httpd service for a couple reasons (maybe more). First, port 80 is already used on the machine. Second, the user doesn’t have access to the restricted ports under 1024 for the server. 8080 is just used because it is easy to remember. httpd can be run on any port. For example, the Burst wallet runs a http service on port 8125. That’s why you can connect your browser to http://localhost:8125 or and the Burst wallet interface loads up.

@jaxblack Thanks for keeping your cool :wink:


I shouldn’t laugh but that is the funniest thing I have read for a long time :joy::rofl::star_struck:


I started with 6-8tb and now I have 15.5tb. I use burstneon’s pool. Dead line of 2 years I think. I get the coins calculated by fastpool’s calculator. I average 1 coin per tb per day. So my 15.5tb gets me anywhere from 15-20 coins per day. I would look into this pool for smaller hard drive capacities. I am no expert, I was in the same boat as you.
Here is a link to calculate deadlines…
Scroll to the bottom of this page and click QUICK INFO Tab. Here you can calculate your deadline based on PLOT SIZE.
10TB = 23270026 seconds
Good Luck


Oh wow! This post is hilarious. Thanks for not flagging.

To be fair though, I’m also super pissed that I didn’t get 1 bitcoin value per month.

I saw this video on YouTube where a guy joined a burst forum and every member sent him 10,000 burstcoin just for joining. All he had to do then was convert it to bitcoin and walk away.
He said it was easy and I’m starting to think he was taking the piss.

Where’s my fuc@$ng coins!?!? ZJX6-M5FS-SEZS-82MZH