Different Deadline on cryptoguru.org Pool website

I mine at cryptoguru.org with 8TB.
Is it normal that i have different deadlines in the Blago Miner (Qbundle) and on the https://50-50-pool.burst.cryptoguru.org Pool site (same Block)?
On the Pool site the deadline is much higher.

Are something wrong with my plots or Blago settings?

Had the same issue - could not get it right - changed to btfg - mining fine now without a problem. May go back in future - plotting other drives at the moment.

or :

Not sure if you can choose your own pool in the Qbundle but this pool is very friendly to beginner miners. I have been in it almost 3 months now and no issues. Started with 1 TB and now up to 80TB


I am so stupid :confounded: Blago show the deadline in days and pool website in hours.
Maybe it helps some other newbees.