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We have opened up this topic to discuss the new network observer. Welcome!

Important Burst News! PoCC Releases New Network Observer
Wichtige News: PoCC gibt neuen Network-Observer frei

Well lets open up the discussion by tell a old dude that knows nothing what the heck a network observer is… ot maybe ill goooooogle it… lol… Blockexplorer?


You can read about it here:

Basically this is a Burst network “watcher”. It tells you how healthy the network is, and is much more inclusive than the existing observers…this is able to get a picture of the entire thing.


@ryanw Thank you… its easier to ask than search… :spy:


Do we have this observer code in github??


No, unfortunately the code has not been released.


Nice! Thank you!-)
But might I suggest that to also “print out” the valid nodes?! Only listing the “stuck” and “re-syncing” ones is a bit confusing!
Also, the reverence what is considered a “valid” node is missing! e.g. GenerationSignature


@nixxda The list of valid nodes was kept off of the observer for security reasons…

I would just believe that a valid node would be one that is using the most current Burst version, and is working properly…perhaps @rico666 has something to add?


+1 for the security reason of not exposing the whole network.
We may do so when the network is big and stable enough (as e.g. the BTC network, where you can actually see all nodes) and would not have to fear any DDoS attacks to have effect.

If you look at the blue box, the text in there already answers this question. I quote:

“The peer is just perfect. You can only find it typing it’s IP address into our search function - we do this to not expose the whole network.”