Discuss New Wallet Version 1.3.4cg Here


Discussion regarding the release of the new version 1.3.4cg Burst wallet by the PoCC, and its inclusion in their package repository.

Announcement Can Be Found Here

Burst Wallet 1.3.4cg Released!
Wichtige News: PoCC veröffentlicht Burst Wallet 1.3.4cg!

Thanks ryanw. Do you need to setup a mysql database or is it integrated in the client?


No, you do not to do this on your own.

The debian and ubuntu package installs mariadb onusing the default system packages. The configuration of the database is also done fully automatically using db-config-common.


So this version only runs on linux? I was trying to start it on Windows and said
Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: Could not connect to address=(host=localhost)(port=3306)(type=master) : Connection refused: connect


On windows you need to install mariaDB and create the db using the sql script in the source files directory. Otherwise it won’t work…


Thanks zonk.
I guess I downloaded the wrong zip ( burstcoincg-1.3.4cg.zip ) because nothing was explained in the Readme, no sql script
The burstcoin-1.3.4cg.zip file has all the instructions I need.


I think that is the zip with the source files? Don’t know why they do not include this in the executable package.


Nice job and thanks for the support!
Is it possible to add CentOS support to the package repository?


mac wallet next plz ty


Any How-To to make this work for a beginner?

Like a step by step procedure to make it run.


@Yey09 Are you using Debian or Ubuntu?


Oh yeah I forgot. I’m running Windows 64bit


Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy solution for Windows yet, although some steps have been made toward creating a package that will make installation easier. There also aren’t any tutorials that exist for Windows at the moment, so one would have to set up MariaDB and configure everything to work on their own.


Oh ok… I’ll stick with 1.2.9 then.


We’ll get there soon :slight_smile: I am not a Linux user, and was able to easily get the wallet running on a VPS :slight_smile:


Good to know that this is being improved. :+1:
I got the wallet to run on Windows, but it took a really long time to download the blockchain.It was using too much cpu on my miner, so i let it run on another pc and access the db remotely… I could not really see a bottleneck there, but it ran for some days, maybe a week all in all.

I also exported the db and reimported it on another pc to see if this works as expected (seems it does not)
I get lots of duplicate entry errors (for key transaction_full_hash_idx). Not sure if it matters…


Maybe @rico666 has input on those errors.

The VPS that I installed the wallet on synced in about two days. Unfortunately, I haven’t tried it out on Windows, and am still running 1.2.9 there…


I’ll let it run on another pc. Maybe it was some issue with remotely accessing the db.


I am using Arch Linux so I guess I have to install it manually? An AUR package would be great but I don’t know how to create that.


Is there a way to manual download Blockchain and speed up sync?