Discuss The One Month Of PoCC Announcement + Android App Beta Release Here


Please discuss the One Month Of the PoCC announcement here, and the beta release of the android app.

Announcement Post -


Great job. Keep up the good work guys!


I want to thank every member of the PoCC for their hard work and dedication to Burst.


It’s always great to see things coming on within the community BUT it always seems 1 step behind what has/is being done. I’m not saying i/we don’t appreciate, on the contrary, but it is always good to start a race, stay in front and win :wink:


Not sure what you mean by “always 1 step behind”. If - just within BURST context - you mean things like “block explorer after we had already a block explorer” or “mobile wallet after we already had a mobile wallet” (just guessing, because I have heard these opinions), then you do not look thoroughly at the matter.

The existing block explorer was/is unusable for high traffic volume, completely different concept, DDoS prone etc. What we have done was only possible after we had a external-DB based wallet.

As for the mobile wallet. Really comparing what the PoCC just presented with the BurstNation Wallet or even https://mwallet1.burst-team.us:2053/index.html ?

If you are referring to solutions/infrastructure within BURST, the PoCC is already “in front”, but we do not have a “win” mindset.

Of course I may have misunderstood the scope of your argument:

If you are comparing BURST to other cryptocurrencies, then you are basically right. BURST has PoC which puts it at a good place “in front”. It hasn’t managed to “stay in front” very well in the past, but this is about to change.

For it to change, we have to catch up 1st, which leads to a “me too” phase you see right now. BURST has now - too - a permanent testnet. Something which BTC, LTC and others have had for years.
BURST has now also a stable wallet. Hooray - but for other cryptos no big deal…
BURST will soon have a true lightweight mobile wallet, others have had this too

But as soon as BURST will have everything everyone else has too AND it’s unique PoC… :slight_smile:

We also want BURST to be really used in economy and not just being “another mining-only coin” with no real-world application. We are working hard to provide an infrastructure for BURST that will make it a perfect tool to pay for services and goods and as such appealing to both users and merchants.


I was referring to all of the above, other alts and other ‘new’ wallets apps that the inferior forums release. I do try not to be biased but some people do not deserve a mention nor a place within any communities and i try to be as ‘neutral’ as i can, for the coin. Hopefully you understand what i mean, it seems that you do. There’s some good progress and i/we are very appreciative of that. It always has a little itch in my mind that when one does something, then the other, is there really some sort of collaborations going on behind the scenes that is being hidden from the community…This is said in general, not just toward you and/or this community.