Discussion Thread For New Testnet


Nice. Tnx. Now to figure out what to do with them. :smiley:


I have been playing around with creating an asset and paying out dividends. My test asset id is 3398609255945886808 If you want some :slight_smile:

If you want to do the same, post your test asset id so people can buy them.


Send me test Burst pls


Sending you some over right now.


Please send me test Burst



I have sent some testburst your way @ettienem1001


Here’s my precious asset 12763830469165051189

Buy some and get many money heee :smiley:




@AZ_Stranger Sent you some testburst


Thanks coins come ) Who can help me with start mining ?


What OS? :slight_smile:


Win10 x64
Cant find ready to work wallet, need make DB or compile… Where i can download compleate ready wallet ?


@AZ_Stranger Unfortunately, there isn’t a ready-to-use easy installation of the wallet yet.


what will the test coins be used for in the end?


They will just be used on the testnet, and have no real value other than people able to try new features added to Burst over time without playing with “real money”.


Thx, got the burst!

Me too playing with asset :slight_smile:


Hey just a quick idea. Can we try message spamming the testnet like someone did with the real network to see how the new client would handle such an attack? We need 20k burst for that. I already made 320 testburst on assets (hehe). I’ll be there soon. :smiley:


@sleerbo I think @rico666 would be the person to ask about something like that.


Please send me test-BURST to:


Hey Vlado, sending you some