Discussion Thread For New Testnet


As for the syncing problems, I have only used the testnet through the web wallet. Maybe @rico666 has some input.


I sent 2000 funny Burst your way.
As for syncing problems … Yeah - the wallet has some ugly hard coded stuff in it and needs tweaking because the code doesn’t expect blocks “that low”.

At some point in time (currently we are at 20668) we will provide a snapshot of the Testnet-DB for people to - spoiler - quicksync.


Could you please send me some burst coin on my test net wallet




Thanks for asking, i sent a couple thousand over.


Hi guys,

I’m mining in the testnet network as following:

Am i doing correct? anything else that could i miss? i’m running about 5 hours but can’t win any block, the result as:

This block01:09:03
Best (overall)00:12:22 @45612
Best (30 rounds)00:00:00
Confirmed deadlines34
Won blocks0
Mined blocks75
Average deadline00:00:00
Lowest difficulty1 @45582
Highest difficulty1 @45582


Error: Incorrect request
LWCS-GUV8-SJQ2-C8C6F: error on submitting nonce! (02:22:11)



I’d like to continue developing

Specifically features I detailed

My testnet wallet is stuck syncing @ 1670

In lieu of a nice working local copy of a testnet - should I use POCC’s?
Looks like the API is enabled,which I do need.

Ok if a bot hits it?
Not sure if I can solo mine against a web wallet, guess I can try. Othrwise, can I get some burst to test?

I am going to put a testnet burstbot up on reddit to test marketplace functions detailed in that second post.

Either this, or a mariadb dump of testnet would be cool.


Apparently I can’t just compile 1.9.1, remove the block checking code and foreign key constraints, and cross my fingers. Who knew.


Blargh. Tried editing Subscription.java in 1.9.1(git master) from 1 to 0, no difference, also getting stuck on 1670.


Pretty sure I just got myself peer-banned by attempting a sync with probably a different genesis block.


That reddit bot is a nice idea, I saw you post about it on r/Burstcoin

Sending over a couple thousand test Burst to ya

perhaps @rico666 can help you with getting past that block


I got my own local testnet up, so it’s no longer strictly necessary. I am going to attach a test Reddit bot to it, and work on that marketplace stuff.



No problem :slight_smile:

Effective Balance: 1’340’000’000’000’000 BURST

Don’t spend it all in one place!


Please send me test coins at BURST-PH4Y-Q4XN-7KQD-3ZGT2


On the way!


got it. ty.


@ryanw may I have some testBurst please?



Of course!

Couple thousand sent over to you.


@ryanw also requesting some testBurst



On the way now!


Could i get some Burst for testnet please, thanks.
My testnet address: BURST-WSA5-73CK-E3AT-2VSQY