Disillusioned by exchanges


Hi everybody,

Just want to get something off my chest: I am quite a bit disillusioned

NOT due to Burstcoin: It is a great coin and hope that the majority of all cryptocurrency users will soon acknowledge the fact that BURST is way more energy efficient and decentralized than other coins.

However, I have tried to trade some BURST with poloniex and now with Bittrex
First poloniex was being difficult about my inserted personal data and would not give acces to my funds… However, after a few weeks of emailing, poloniex caved (response of them on my emails was extremely bad) and I immediately withdrew all my funds.

At that point I was under the impression that poloniex is the worst of the worst since they kept me in the dark about withdrawing my funds.

I switched to Bittrex and now have not even the same problem, but a worse one: after supplying my personal information, they want me to upload a picture of my passport. Obviously I don’t feel comfortable with this, but on the top of it, I am even prohibited by law of my country. It forbids me to make (photo)copies of my passport.
In the meantime Bittrex has not properly responded to any of my emails / support tickets.
Any advice would be welcome.

I think BURST is great, but I hate trading it over (these kinds of) exchange services.

Isn’t there any other way to trade BURST (except from actually finding a person with BURST)? At this time it is not possible with shapeshift.
Might it be possible to make a exchange outside the current exchanges, especially and only for burst-bitcoin?

Thanks for reading this way to long piece of text.



Thank you for sharing. The reason Bittrex (and any other exchanges) ask for so much information, is to align with current Know Your Customer, and Anti Money Laundering laws. I don’t know the specifics, but it seems like they put the majority of the world under the same restrictions, and those that can’t abide…well, too bad.

I have always thought having Burst on a decentralized exchange would be a great next step in providing availability of the coin. An example of this is the Bitshares Decentralized Exchange.


BURST seems to be on Bisq now. I haven’t managed to buy any yet though.


I have managed to buy twice now on Bisq and it works well. You might need to leave your offer to buy on there for a few weeks though.


Thank you for sharing. When I find the time, I’ll try it again.


I have an open offer to sell 1000 Burst for 3% over market value in bitcoin just published on Bisq.


I see that the offers for BURST on Bisq are gradually increasing. It seems worthwhile to once in a while check it out.


yeah - like now!
my offer in November is real cheap now. 1000 Burst for 0.0000012 BTC.