Diving in head first


Hello everyone,

I am new to burst but not crypto or mining. I have been mining other more power intensive currencies for awhile now. So far i have everything ready to start mining other then a coin. I got my 2nd 8tb external delivered and set up today, wallet is ready, and the block chain is synced. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Sent you a few


thanks OMB!!!


Like you I started about a week ago and 2 things I would recommend.

  1. If you’re using USB drive, see if you can take the drive out of the case and plot using SATA. I found that USB takes about 40-50% more time to plot.

  2. Join a pool. I tried solo mining for 2 days and got nothing.


Thanks for the info. With my 2 drives for my first go around i will just leave them as is but that is good info for the future. My brother and i were talking about removing the cases and just doing a raid. Were still trying o find a decently priced raid set up for all teh 500gb HDD we have just sitting in the garage.

I will be joining a pool, from past experiences that is really the only way to go unless you have a large amount of equipment IMO.