Do we want a Pool thread in the forum?


I was about to ask for some Pool recommendation, but not sure where to post it.
I would think that pool questions might want there own section.

Just a suggestion.

Anyone have a list of some good pools to try out as a first time miner?



You got it! There is a Pool Development sub-category now.


I was thinking at the same level as Mining and Plotting.
I would think that pool questions will come up as users migrate from trying to get it to work, to how to make money from pools. I can post in the mining section.

I wasn’t thinking in the development section.


Paul we are looking it over and it will probably be changed to the mining and pool section.
Thanks :wink:


@Estie_Trixie : Fixed

My apologies. Go ahead and check it out now:

As well, the other category inside of Development and Technical Discussion will remain there as that provides a opportunity for developers to ask questions if need be, or talk about ideas.


It’s cool. Whatever you guys think is best. Thanks!