Anyone else mining here? Have just switched to it and everything is fine as regards Mining but the Graphical Interface seems to often not update for many Blocks?



Pretty sure Blago is mining there, i was mining there but then I realized the DL was too low for me.


Dobar dan najdraži Ficker :slight_smile:

How is your new H asset investment doing Rich?

Birthday party already done or still coming Devin? Hi btw.

BIG LOL from here. Haitch coming back to life some day or dead with all his stuff.

Or ryanw just another avatar?

Confused, but dont care :slight_smile:


Hi Marc…Haitch is currently awaiting the delivery of his servers to get the Burst Team infrastructure back up and running.

I’m a completely different person :wink:


Hi Marc

It’s doing just as well or badly as everyone else’s NewHassets Investment.
Gradually shifting them but very few buyers, other than haitch.

How is the share trading going?



still coming. also i have school in a week o-o


Share tradings doing well, thx. Its all peanuts oc but hey it all sums up.

Off to another week of holiday to Murta come next week sponsored by trading, peanuts as I said.

@Devin good to hear you dont spend all your time with nonsense crypto, assets and stuff like that but education… (and hopefully censored by ryanw*


That type of language is not welcome on this forum, whether it’s from a well known movie, or not.